About 42ity

Best described as a "Technology Pathfinder and Problem Solver", I have not only survived, I have thrived sorting out all manner of challenges inherent with nascent technologies. Whether it is hardware, software or processes, I have the skills, experience and professional demeanour to resolve difficult challenges. I have found situational and skills awareness are key when teaming to find paths to technological solutions.

I have done well working in offices, remotely and mixtures of the two. I can lead or follow as the situation demands. With application prototyping as one of my strong suits, I continue to be amazed at how often temporary fixes become permanent fixtures. Another strong suit is being the diplomat between application users and developers.

Having enjoyed traveling a number of technology solution paths, I still seek opportunities to continue the evolutions. I realize that means my skills may only be needed briefly. As such, I am open to short, medium or long term assignments as a contractor or an employee. I am flexible with regards to travel. I am not looking to corner any particular market. I am hoping everyone does well and that as needed, you folks reach out to me to assist with your overflow of technical challenges.

Have passport, will travel...